13 Aug 2008

Your Guide to the Real O.C.: The Musicians

On the forefronts of producing sounds that lead to a trend to sweep the nation and even the world, Orange County musicians are innovative and, plainly, rather talented. [read on…]

3 Aug 2008

One of the oldest forms of artistic and cultural expression, tattoos represent a range of ideas, traditions, and societal standards.

In most Western cultures, tattooing is generally frowned upon. It is represented mostly on the streets, in gangs/groups and in the military. However, many cultures still hold body art in high regard. For some ethnicities, it is a rite of passage, a representation of your tribal affiliation, and more. Let’s discover some of the cultural usage of body art that is still practiced in the modern day… [read more]

30 Jul 2008

Once You Go Black…

In an effort to be more environmentally aware and energy-saving, I have gone black. Well, my blog, that is. So, here you have it, my Tumblr - optimized to save the world! (or something like that) Hopefully this won’t feel as loud as the previous, predominantly white page I had. Over the next couple of hours from this post, I’ll be modifiying font colors, etc, so bear with me.

My StumbleUpon has been changed from navy blue to black - just because. *grin*

You’ll also find that I have customized my Triond profile with their new design templates to also be, well, black. Check it out.

These are all little steps to help our planet deal with it’s little climate change problem. What have you done?

28 Jul 2008

Your Guide to the Real O.C.: Orange

Experience a slice of old town charm in Orange, California. [read the article]

21 Jul 2008

Artist Spotlight: Tomer Peretz - Sexy and Rugged Modern Art

Introducing Tomer Peretz, a modern artist catering to the flesh fantasies of both the art connosseiur and those less familiar with the vast world of master, muse, and the product of the two.

Anyone can learn a trade or a skill, but true talent takes form from the beginning. Tomer began small, ‘ruining’ the desks at school with formed ‘scribbles’ that held the promise of something more. Fast forward to 2005, when a then 23 year old young man moved his life and hopes and still undiscovered potential to Los Angeles, California.

Picking up a paintbrush and gently stroking the canvas with bold colors and images, characterized by simultaneous contrast, the young man still knew not what his creations would bring. Incindently, those with an eye for art and a taste for new felt drawn to Tomer’s work.

Drawing inspiration from whatever catches the eye of this testosterone-driven male, now 26, Tomer takes what he sees and recreates it from his own vision.

Tomer has seen more of the world than most, but still holds a strong desire for more. More travel. More culture. More inspiration. More art.

To see more of Tomer Peretz’s work…

Tomer Peretz

6 Jul 2008

Your Guide to the Real O.C.: Newport

A fabulous place for families or friends looking to have an enjoyable SoCal day. This town along the coast of Orange County has been around for just over 100 years. In that time, it has been able to establish many great things to do. [read more…]

2 Jul 2008

Practical Eco-Friendly Substitutions

Live your life on the green side… but you don’t have to have a green thumb or go out protesting to do so. There are many easy ways to accomplish this lifestyle, by using practical substitutions for everyday items. Check out the suggestions.

30 Jun 2008

The World Wide Web is Swallowing Me Whole

Again I’m up at four in the morning. Why? Because I feel this very odd desire to Stumble something, check out others’ new posts, hubs, articles… whatever you want to call them. I would love to write a fantastic article, but I really don’t have the strength… This thing called the Internet is eating me alive… and yet I don’t want to stop it. Is this what addiction feels like?

29 Jun 2008

Overcome a Bad Situation with Positive Reactions

In one’s life there are many instances that one would prefer not to occur. However, they do happen and one must deal with them in the best, most appropriate way possible.

The first step, the very most important one, is to breathe. No counting backwards, no bending a paperclip in your pocket… just breathe. You will overcome this situation. It’s only one in many in your life from which you can learn and gain from. [read more…]

28 Jun 2008

“The Passions of Life is what makes it worth living…”

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